[permaculture] Trader Joe's

kelda at riseup.net kelda at riseup.net
Thu Jan 27 14:55:20 EST 2011

I'm with Amy. I live in a small town that doesn't have Co-ops, Farmer's
Markets, Whole Foods. People here are still in the beginnings of being
educated about sustainability.

I think that Trader Joe's is deceptive. When people here talk about
wanting one its because its 1) cheap (which is true) 2) organic 3)
In reality it is not really organic, sustainable, or to add another
important category, local.

I would rather our town talk about how to start a small independent food
store, or how to start a Farmer's Market, and I feel that a TJ here would
divert that energy elsewhere and the conversation would be over. Trader
Joe's has a reputation for being 'green' without actually doing the

I'm going to keep on talking to my neighbors about truly sustainable
options. Trader Joe's doesn't get my money or my attention.

Kelda Miller
Sumner, WA

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