[permaculture] problem gophers

DGilsen at aol.com DGilsen at aol.com
Thu Jan 27 14:31:46 EST 2011

I  had a similar problem, even with world class mousers, my cats were  
overwhelmed .  One night with a full bladder I was heading to the house to  do 
my business and passed a gopher hole that a gopher had just gone down.   I 
emptied my bladder down the hole and that hole never was occupied again .I  
started fillings each gopher hole the same way and the gophers seemed to just 
go  away.  This also works on large black and red ant nests, but that took  
several applications.  I now fill a jar and as I water and harvest I also  
soak  any varmint holes I find . Funny but true. 

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