[permaculture] Trader Joe's

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 26 15:11:52 EST 2011

On 1/26/2011 2:01 PM, Jennifer Nazak wrote:
> I'm with Linda - I don't think Trader Joe's is a threat to farmers
> markets, and it competes effectively with big chains, and offers
> high-quality staples and other food items not available at farmer's
> markets. I've experienced it as a nice addition to the farmer's
> market.

I agree that Trader Joe is an asset to any town or community and is 
absolutely no threat to any farmers market or any local outlet farmers 
use. They have very limited fresh produce offerings and much of it is 
prepackaged other-labelled goods.

> What you might do is create a permaculture win-win: turn the
> "problem" into an asset. Together with other interested citizens, you
> might consider approaching Trader Joe's folks and letting them know
> that since a lot of their customers are the same kinds of people who
> shop at the farmer's market, it might be to everyone's best interest
> to form a mutual public-relations arrangement. TJ's could allow the
> farm market vendors/organizers to place their literature inside the
> store, and the farmer's market folks could offer in return to place
> TJ coupons and other literature at their booths. Just a thought!

That's a great suggestion and I'll bet TJ might be interested in this.

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