[permaculture] Trader Joe's

ChildrensPeaceGuild childrenspeaceguild at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 26 14:57:02 EST 2011

I'm afriad to say my experience has not been as positive as others. Not negative 
either, just neutral.
After years of hearing people recommend Trader Joe's we finally went to one and 
our overall experience was thoroughly.......underwhelming. Personally, I did not 
see that much of a "fair trade" or "organic" option. Beyond some wacky shirts 
and tiki torches, I felt like I could have been in any number of grocery chains 
that also carry a percentage of organic. Another issue was the lack of local 
options for produce and dairy. And, at least the one I patronized, no bulk 
whatsoever. We wandered around scratching our heads as to what the appeal was. 
Though I do think Trader Joe's must have something to offer, otherwise they 
wouldn't be in business, but I grew up in a small town (around 12,000) in the 
conservative South and our local grocery offered just as much.
So that about sums up our visit. Truly one of the most perplexing afternoon's I 
can ever recall.

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Hi Folks,
I am hoping to enlighten my local community on why we DON'T need a Trader Joe's 
in our community - that our local farmers markets, coops and locally owned 
health food store are better places to buy our food.

Anyone want to help articulate this? I have never even been to a Trader Joe's!


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