[permaculture] Svar: Fwd: Re: no dig gardening/piracy

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Wed Jan 26 10:10:47 EST 2011

The link that Thomas provided contains mostly illegally pirated material, including an illegal version of my own book. The versions of Stamets's and many of the others are pirated. My friend Larry Korn put a lot of work into translating Fukuoka's books. When authors' works are pirated like this, it robs us of the support we need to continue writing. And as Larry Santoyo says, free is not sustainable.

Thanks for sending this, as my publisher, Chelsea Green, vigorously prosecutes thieves.


On Jan 26, 2011, at 1:12 AM, Thomas Paul Jahn wrote:

> http://files.uniteddiversity.com/Permaculture/
> this link contains both books from Fukuoka and a lot of documents about
> Bonfils' method!

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