[permaculture] Meet Like-Minded People and Build Self-Reliant Community While Maintaining Personal Privacy and Security

Marjory forestgarden at gvtc.com
Tue Jan 18 11:32:22 EST 2011

Hi Everyone,

Here is a highly informative podcast with Jack Spirko and Marjory 
Wildcraft loaded with practical methods for meeting other folks who are 
preparing.  And yes, you can do this without sacrificing your personal 
security and privacy.  The techniques and information come from having 
done this over the last decade - they are tested, sound, and easy to 

Listen, or download the podcast here:


BackYardFoodProduction.com joins us today to discuss building local 
communities.  Many preppers and survivalists are naturally 
individualistic people.  In some ways this is great and it is what gives 
us the can do and can survive spirit.

In the end though the old saying is true, "no man is an island" and our 
self reliance is actually stronger if we can develop a strong local 
community of like minded individuals.

Many members of the audience have struggled with doing this, tune in 
today and Marjory will give you passive methods that are simple surefire 
ways to connect with like minded people in your area.

*Join me today as we discuss...*

    * Why do you need community?
    * How communities increase your standard of living
    * Security advantages of a community
    * How community building is effective 'insurance'
    * Using entertainment and education to foster and build community
    * Finding folks already living the lifestyle
    * Teaching those who are interested
    * Attracting people to your neighborhood with common values
    * Running workshops focusing on skills
    * Plugging into existing networks

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