[permaculture] Link to Collection of Urban Permaculture Photos

Jennifer Nazak jnazak at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 15:43:38 EST 2011

Thank you, Lawrence, for posting that link! London Permaculture has produced a well-curated photo gallery of many aspects of urban permaculture. 

I've added this link to the Online Resources section of my new, little "Quick-Start Guide to Permaculture" site, http://www.squidoo.com/permaculturedesign

I've also added a link to Paul's permies.com site to that same module.

Thanks also, Lawrence, for your links to the FOAF Project (Friend Of A Friend) and other online resources you've shared with us over time.

The larger the number of places where permaculture appears (both online, and in meatspace), the more people will find out about it, more quickly. The range and speed of transmission increases greatly, I believe, with each LINK we create between these resources. Online, just as in a permaculture garden or community, the yield is determined not as much by the number of elements, as by the number of beneficial RELATIONSHIPS between those elements.

So thank you, Lawrence, for sharing those links. 

And everyone else -- thank you too, for sharing your links! I tend to take time out to praise the creator of a site I like, but I tend not to take that same time to thank the person who shared the link that led me to that site. Linking may be the most important work that many of us do today. It may not seem as glamorous or important as creating, but in fact it is. We should never underestimate its value. 

Jenny Nazak

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