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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 7 23:02:51 EST 2011

Real Food Campaign <http://realfoodcampaign.org/>
a project of Remineralize The Earth <http://www.remineralize.org/>
The Real Food Campaign

The Real Food Campaign (RFC) is educating and collaborating with 
consumers, farmers, scientists, retailers (grocery stores, community 
supported agriculture outlets, farmers markets, food coops, etc.) and 
policy makers about the need for nutrient dense food.

The Real Food Campaign is creating a new standard for what constitutes 
highly nutritious food and is working to make this food available in the 

The Real Food Campaign is initiating and supporting programs that 
produce healthier and more nutrient dense crops for our food supply. 
Nutrient Dense food is healthier, more vibrant, tastier and has a longer 
shelf life.

Remineralize the Earth

Remineralize the Earth is a nonprofit organization assisting the 
worldwide movement of remineralizing soils with finely ground rock dust, 
sea minerals and other natural and sustainable means to increase the 
growth, health, and nutrient value of all plant life. Adding minerals 
and trace elements is vital to the creation of fertile soils, healthy 
crops and forests, and is a key strategy to stabilize the climate.

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