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YouTube - Unconventional Crops - Sent using Google Toolbar

*ANUPAM111able* <http://www.youtube.com/user/ANUPAM111able> | December 12,
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There are a lot of edible crops ignored in mainstream industrial
agriculture.These crop diversity is the source of food security and
sustainability.These are nutritious and does not require any external
chemical inputs to grow.It has medicinal values as well.People are
forgetting due to Americanized method of industrial agriculture.People are
made to belief that these are of no value as the mainstream agriculture
ignore them.Here four crops are mentioned.1.TAK Deharas(Roselle)- Hibiscus
sabdariffa 2 Lata Kasuria( Abelmoschus moschata) 3. KUKURSOKA-Blumea lacera
4.Keo - Costus speciosus)

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