[permaculture] Is Yahoo Shutting Down Del.icio.us? [Update: Del.icio.us Responds] - Sent using Google Toolbar

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 21:40:27 EST 2011


"Delicious in quite a few aspects is better search engine than Google. It is
driven by humans vs. ranking algorithms.
I routinely [used to] refer to delicious to find great sites and stuff that
people like, where Google would show them on 10-th page due to SEO spam.

I hope someone with brains will manage to take over delicious and keep it

"That wholesale dumping of Geocities was insane. What corporate waste. I
guess they figured the write down in the short term was better than the long
term revenue. Still, they had millions and millions of indexed pages. That
could have fed and clothed a hundred employees for years just from even the
tiniest residuals. Slovenly."

Diigo for me - the hell with reddit (won't archive my bookmarks)
Will look again at Stumbleupon again..


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