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Are any of you familiar with the term *sustainagility*?

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Volume 2, Issues 1-2, May 2010, Pages 80-87

Biodiversity and agricultural sustainagility: from assessment to 
adaptive management
Louise Jackson, Meine van Noordwijk, Janne Bengtsson, William Foster, 
Leslie Lipper, Mirjam Pulleman, Mohammed Said, Jake Snaddon,  and 
Raymond Vodouhe

Rapid changes in land use, food systems, and livelihoods require
social–ecological systems that keep multiple options open and prepare
for future unpredictability. Sustainagility refers to the properties and
  assets of a system that sustain the ability (agility) of agents to
adapt and meet their needs in new ways. In contrast, sustainability
tends to invoke persistence along current trajectories, and the
resilience to return to current baselines. With three examples, the use
and conservation of agrobiodiversity is explored along temporal,
spatial, and human institutional scales for its role in sustainagility:
first, farmers’ seed systems; second, complex pollination systems; and
third, wildlife conservation in agricultural areas with high poverty.
Incentives are necessary if agrobiodiversity is to provide benefits to
future generations.

Joel Gruver
School of Agriculture
Western Illinois University
jgruv at hotmail.com

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