[permaculture] about 20 china pheasants out my window

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Sun Jan 2 04:30:28 EST 2011

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> But what are the capitalist opportunities in making youtube
> videos?
> So far it just costs me gobs of money.

I do not think that Youtube is yet a mature enough technology to benefit from monetisation, but that does not mean that your work cannot be providing financial returns.

I can remember when I did my PDC at Geoff Lawton's place, he was mailing out about fifty DVDs a week, all of them being excellent PR for his courses.


Why not put together a compilation of all your great clips and then sell them on DVD to folks that do not have access to youtube?

You could always approach a professional production company with the view to using all the footage that you have as part of a longer documentary.  Homesteading type shows are getting more and more popular by the day.

I am sure that we can think of lots more innovative opportunties if we put our minds to it.



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