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Thank you for posting this link. 

I proposed that genes are indeed, responsible for disease. But the
responsible genes are not those in our DNA, but instead, in the DNA of the
foods we consume. There has been a direct correlation between the increased
incident of auto-immune diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.) as
well as childhood conditions such as ADHD, ASD and asthma with the
introduction of and increased contamination of our food supply with GMOs. 

Unfortunately, because of the patent laws that protect the industry that has
created these mutants, and our own Country's failure to regulate this
industry properly, little to no peer reviewed scientific studies have been
done on the short or long term health consequences to humans by these
organisms and the level of contamination in our food supply continues to

I am interested in ready any peer reviewed studies that have been done
regarding this issue. Please post any links.

Mary Shaeffer Smith
maryshaeffer at comcast.net

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This may look like it's not relevant to you but sustainable farmers,
processors, supporters and researchers need to know about this and they need
their customers, their funders, their friends and their neighbours to know
about it too.
As one of the comments notes, medical genetics got its start from the
tobacco industry, and its second wind from the food and pharmaceutical
industries. They know how to tilt the playing field.
Sustainable farmers now have a chance to tilt it back. Send this to everyone
you know (and every listserv you know).



Jonathan Latham (PhD)
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