[permaculture] Our 'Toxic' Love-Hate Relationship With Plastics /Fresh Air NPR/NEW book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story

georg parlow g.parlow at gmx.at
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The problem might be the real solution here - as I cannot see any way  
to get people to refrain from producing offspring - and wthe earth is  
already heavily overpopulated, I would say. So wise man invents  
plastic and gets rid of fertility that way - so maybe we are looking  
at a natural decline of population numbers. I by far prefer this  
scenario to any catastrophic GAU or war.

> this property. It interferes with testosterone."
> ....
> that newborn baby boys born to mothers with more
> phthalates in their bodies had a subtle
> difference in their genitals. That genital
> abnormality could indicate a disruption in
> testosterone levels, Freinkel says.

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