[permaculture] Intro- SB Organics Rare Food Nursery and Regen Ag

loren luyendyk loren at sborganics.com
Sun Oct 31 17:37:58 EDT 2010


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this listserve.  Please accept my apologies for not introducing myself earlier. 

Now for the intro- I am a Permaculture Designer, PC Teacher in Training, and Certified Arborist from Santa Barbara, California who has had the great opportunity to study with Robin Clayfield, Robina McCurdy, Larry Santoyo, Ianto Evans, Darren Doherty, Elaine Ingham, Kirk Gadzia, Joel Salatin, Robyn Francis, Warren Brush, and many others.  I have owned and operated a small PC Design and Installation company focusing on bringing PC to the 'burbs for the last 10 years.

We currently live in community on a 300 acre coastal ranch in Santa Barbara County on the Gaviota Coast called the Orella Ranch (www.orellaranch.com).  The Tautrim family has managed the land for 6 going on 7 generations now, and we are initiating a new phase in the history of the ranch stewardship, including incorporating Keyline Design, Holistic Management, Compost Technologies.  We have been host to several amazing courses, including the Carbon Economy Series in 2009, the prelude to the Regenerative Ag courses organized by Darren Doherty and others.  Our community is also host to many skilled designers as we have been educating ourselves for the better part of 5 years now.

One project is our Rare Food Nursery focused on propagating Andean Root Crops and open pollinated fruit trees, as well as useful timber trees and windbreak species for incorporation into silvopastural systems.  We have many plants that are perfect for Food Forest installations (for temperate to sub-tropical climes), including herbaceous perennials suitable for understory crops.  Please visit our website (www.sborganics.com) for more information on plants that we have available, or email me directly for an availability list. 

I have also started a non-profit organization called Surfers Without Borders to promote PC and sustainable design through surfing and ocean recreation.  Please visit (www.surferswithoutborders.org) for more information on this project.   

Thank You for reading, and also for sharing your individual knowledge on this listserve.  It is indeed an amazing resource.
Loren Luyendyk
(805) 452-8249


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