[permaculture] colony collapse disorder solved!, blogs, lists, mirrors, forums, websites

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sat Oct 30 11:02:46 EDT 2010

Wow!  Lawrence!  I knew you were a webby guy, but I had no idea you
were THAT webby!  Wow - what an empire you have!

Thanks for spreading the word on CCD!  That is so excellent!

I have enough footage for about 50 more videos on all sorts of
interesting topics.  I keep telling myself I should try to put out one
every other day or so.

I am uploading another right now.  I'll announce it on this list in a
few minutes.

Thanks for subscribing to me on youtube and doing the "thumbs up" and
stuff.  That sort of thing makes youtube wanna show my stuff to more

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr.
<venaurafarm at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> On 10/25/2010 1:42 PM, paul wheaton wrote:
>> Wow!
>> All of that would be excellent Lawrence!  Thanks!
> I have gone whole hog with blogs, groups, sites, mirrors, etc.
> Next stop - developing my ibiblio resources:
> WordPress blog, BBPress & SMF Forums, MediaWiki, Website
> Wordpress Blogs:
> Permaculture (Permaculture Mailing Lists)
> EcoLandTech
> Seed Preservation
> Venaura Farm
> Japanese Joinery
> Infinity Explorations
> and Google:
> *Blogger Blogs:
> Permaculture Mailing List (mirror)
> EcoLandTech
> Market Agriculture
> Japanese Joinery
> Appropriate Technology
> Seed Preservation
> Seed Savers
> Seed Keepers
> Venaura Farm
> *Google Groups:
> Permaculture Mailing List (mirror)
> Japanese Joinery
> *Google Sites:
> Permaculture List
> Venaura Farm
> Japanese Joinery
>> I have a bunch more footage from these things that ended up on the
>> "editing room floor" that could each be made into more bee stuff.  But
>> the key with youtube is to make short videos.  And I really felt that
>> with all of the stuff going on about CCD I really needed something to
>> set the record straight.
> I would definitely encourage you to turn all that extra footage into more
> videos. You will probably never regret spending the time that will require.
>> I finished the video late sunday night and got up a few hours later
>> thinking "I'm gonna change the world!" and pushed it out to youtube.
> It will sink in and become noticed because of its quality.
>> I was thinking "this is so cool - it's probably gonna go farther than
>> any of my other videos.  Maybe over a million views in the first 24
>> hours.  This is news!  This is worth the huge amount of time I put
>> into making it!  Neat!"
> I finally got logged into my YouTube account and gave it a thumbs up,
> subscribed to more vids, etc. Hope that helps. Next I will post links to a
> bunch of my blogs. There is so much that can be done but it all takes time.
>> I like to think that I am pumping a lot of permaculture info to a lot
>> of people that have never heard of it before (about 3300 per day to
>> permies.com and 2200 per day to my youtube videos).  But to cross into
>> "news" or "viral" must take somebody much better/smarter than me.
> When has anything permacultural gone viral except Bill's PDM?
> Back to work...
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