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ChildrensPeaceGuild childrenspeaceguild at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 10:21:37 EDT 2010

Loved the video! Well done. I'm trying to share it every chance I get.
Additionally, it inspired me to use it in a presentation for an Ecology course 
I'm taking.

Could you reccomend other articles, links, etc. regarding a permaculture 
approach to CCD?


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mirrors, forums, websites


All of that would be excellent Lawrence!  Thanks!

I have a bunch more footage from these things that ended up on the
"editing room floor" that could each be made into more bee stuff.  But
the key with youtube is to make short videos.  And I really felt that
with all of the stuff going on about CCD I really needed something to
set the record straight.

I finished the video late sunday night and got up a few hours later
thinking "I'm gonna change the world!" and pushed it out to youtube.
I was thinking "this is so cool - it's probably gonna go farther than
any of my other videos.  Maybe over a million views in the first 24
hours.  This is news!  This is worth the huge amount of time I put
into making it!  Neat!"

I like to think that I am pumping a lot of permaculture info to a lot
of people that have never heard of it before (about 3300 per day to
permies.com and 2200 per day to my youtube videos).  But to cross into
"news" or "viral" must take somebody much better/smarter than me.


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