[permaculture] Carbon sequestration in city question

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The key with trees is they are considered long-term carbon neutral, so you have to show long-term sequestration. One reason they are considered carbon neutral, however, is the root systems may not be getting counted, so make sure that biomass gets counted. Use plants with extensive root systems where you can, of course, and fast-growing to increase end-of-life cycle sequestration by speeding up generations. It's going to be important to show how the carbon can be put into the soil. Trees that can be coppiced for use as building materials, mulch or biochar (not a favorite of mine just yet.. conflicting info in terms of sequestration) might be a good choice, such as black... elm? Dang.. it's escaping me at the moment.

All fairly obvious, but thought I'd offer a quick response just in case there was a small point not yet considered.


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I'm in discussion with some officials who are planning tree planting for carbon sequestration in an urban environment in fl. Would love to get input and creative ideas from others on doing this for maximum effectiveness. Sandy soils, some freezes, but generally subtropical. I'm looking at using biochar and organic matter from waste stream, planting edibles and natives, etc. Looking to max carbon sequestration as we will get more trees planted if we can demonstrate this.   

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