[permaculture] colony collapse disorder solved!, blogs, lists, mirrors, forums, websites

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 28 00:05:08 EDT 2010

On 10/25/2010 1:42 PM, paul wheaton wrote:
> Wow!
> All of that would be excellent Lawrence!  Thanks!

I have gone whole hog with blogs, groups, sites, mirrors, etc.
Next stop - developing my ibiblio resources:
WordPress blog, BBPress & SMF Forums, MediaWiki, Website

Wordpress Blogs:
Permaculture (Permaculture Mailing Lists)
Seed Preservation
Venaura Farm
Japanese Joinery
Infinity Explorations

and Google:
*Blogger Blogs:
Permaculture Mailing List (mirror)
Market Agriculture
Japanese Joinery
Appropriate Technology
Seed Preservation
Seed Savers
Seed Keepers
Venaura Farm
*Google Groups:
Permaculture Mailing List (mirror)
Japanese Joinery
*Google Sites:
Permaculture List
Venaura Farm
Japanese Joinery

> I have a bunch more footage from these things that ended up on the
> "editing room floor" that could each be made into more bee stuff.  But
> the key with youtube is to make short videos.  And I really felt that
> with all of the stuff going on about CCD I really needed something to
> set the record straight.

I would definitely encourage you to turn all that extra footage into 
more videos. You will probably never regret spending the time that will 

> I finished the video late sunday night and got up a few hours later
> thinking "I'm gonna change the world!" and pushed it out to youtube.

It will sink in and become noticed because of its quality.

> I was thinking "this is so cool - it's probably gonna go farther than
> any of my other videos.  Maybe over a million views in the first 24
> hours.  This is news!  This is worth the huge amount of time I put
> into making it!  Neat!"

I finally got logged into my YouTube account and gave it a thumbs up, 
subscribed to more vids, etc. Hope that helps. Next I will post links to 
a bunch of my blogs. There is so much that can be done but it all takes 

> I like to think that I am pumping a lot of permaculture info to a lot
> of people that have never heard of it before (about 3300 per day to
> permies.com and 2200 per day to my youtube videos).  But to cross into
> "news" or "viral" must take somebody much better/smarter than me.

When has anything permacultural gone viral except Bill's PDM?

Back to work...

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