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Sustainable Soil Management

Preston Sullivan 
NCAT Agriculture Specialist
© NCAT 2004 
ATTRA Publication #IP027/133 
This publication covers basic soil properties and management steps toward building and maintaining healthy soils. Part I deals with basic soil principles and provides an understanding of living soils and how they work. In this section you will find answers to why soil organisms and organic matter are important. Part II covers management steps to build soil quality on your farm. The last section looks at farmers who have successfully built up their soil. The publication concludes with a large resource section of other available information.
Table of Contents

Part I. Characteristics of Sustainable Soils 

The Living Soil: Texture and Structure 
The Living Soil: The Importance of Soil Organisms 
Organic Matter, Humus, and the Soil Foodweb 
Soil Tilth and Organic Matter 
Tillage, Organic Matter, and Plant Productivity 
Fertilizer Amendments and Biologically Active Soils 
Conventional Fertilizers 
Top$oil—Your Farm'$ Capital 
Summary of Part I
Summary of Sustainable Soil Management Principles 
Part II. Management Steps to Improve Soil Quality 
Part III. Examples of Successful Soil Builders (Farmer Profiles) 
Additional Resources


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