[permaculture] colony collapse disorder solved!

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sun Oct 24 20:49:25 EDT 2010

> This is an excellent, excellent instructional video! Thanks, Paul.
> With Jacqueline you also get the Biodynamic perspective as she is actively
> involved in that movement. Her forthcoming book will be a must have as is
> your video. Maybe you could create a document to go along with it that
> contains the highlights of the data presented in the video
> (you have to write quick and watch at the same time and you're going to want
> to get that information down on paper).

I tried to write a lot of the key stuff in the description for the video.

The weird thing is that I kinda thought this video was gonna go viral,
or make the news or something.  I spent a huge amount of time editing
it.  And then when it got about the same amount of traffic as most of
my videos, the wind sorta left my sails.

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