[permaculture] plant succession in aquaculture

wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk wenshidi at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 06:44:02 EDT 2010

While I have recently been enjoying Bill Mollison's mp3 lectures on aquaculture, I did not hear mention the subject of succession.

The only information that I can find on the interent refers to the following.

Stage 1 - Species tolerant of high 'Total Organic Carbon' sediment
Stage 2 - Pioneers/early colonizers - Organic tolerant opportunists
Stage 3 - Intermediate colonizers
Stage 4 - Late colonizers
Stage 5 - Rare species

How does this list translate into actual species?
There seems to be plenty of information out there of forest succession, but I would be very grateful if anybody could point me to more inforation on aquaculture succession.

My thanks in advance



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