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Keep hammering on bringing animals back to small farms in the midwest. 
That is the only way that we can have wonderful 5 and 6 (non veggie) 
crop rotations like 3 years hay, 2 pasture, corn (no soy),oats or 
buckwheat in the spring (for winter supplement for calves and cows) with 
legume undersow for late summer pasture, next barley,wheat or rye ( for 
the poultry )with good hay mix (not just alfalafa)undersow to start 
anew. What a treat for diversified wildlife, insects and the hives. Corn 
borers like other manufactured pest infestations find it hard to be 
pandemic when their homes are gone for 7 or 8 years.

Winter manure can be composted or aged for your market garden or other 
high fertility applications and the extra winter manure can be sold down 
the road to the vegetable folks who do not want to deal with livestock. 
Animals complete the fertility cycle and we can not have the 
infrastructure needed for sustainable agriculture without them.

I never had a problem with CB even before bt. 150 and better open 
pollinated bu/acre with no input other than fuel and a little 
diatomaceous earth for
winter preservation. Sustainable organic 150 likely converts to 
agribusiness 250 because of seed, fertilizer, and pesticide costs. Every 
time we try to outsmart some other more well adapted organism, we prove 
that extra synapses do not ensure species survival especially when a 
number of those electrical connections center on greed and wealth 


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