[permaculture] New Fossil Fuel Free Demonstration Project

Jon H rhizomonkey at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 14:48:57 EDT 2010

Hi Permie folks, this is a new project I am involved in that I thought might
interest some of you. Please do check it out.
Jon Hoover


Living Energy Farm: Zero Fossil Fuel Demonstration Project

With the global environmental crisis growing in front of us every day, isn't
it time that you DID something about it? The Living Energy Farm is a
zero-fossil fuel community education center being built in Louisa County
Virginia. Using both very new and very old technologies, we intend to
demonstrate that a fossil fuel free lifestyle is both possible and

With generous support from several donors, we have acquired a 127 acre
parcel in Louisa County VA. We have raised about half of the money we need
to make this project happen. We are looking for people to help develop the
tools and technologies we will need to live on the land, to come live with
us, to offer financial support or donations of materials, or to simply keep
stay informed about the project as it develops. Check out our website to see
how you can get involved.
livingenergyfarm.org <http://livingenergyfarm.org/>

or contact Alexis at conev.org <mailto:Alexis at conev.org>

We look forward to hearing from you.
Living Energy Farm
Alexis Zeigler
Debbie Piesen
Edmund Frost
Jon Hoover
Paxus Calta
Thomas Vecchio
Valerie Renwick

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