[permaculture] PDC with Bill Mollison & Geoff Lawton in Istanbul, Turkey

Rana Sancak ranasancak at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 02:17:51 EDT 2010

Hello Dick,
I've forwarded your message to the institute secratary. I think you will get
an email in a few hours.
You can send an email to education at permacultureturkey.org for any questions
about the PDC course.

See you in Turkey.



Hello, I plan on attending the course - have sent in an enrollment but no
funds yet. I am hoping for a reply to my email soon - a confirmation that
you have me enrolled, how you would prefer me to pay, and
location/meal/accommodation info.

i'm looking forward to the class - have my ticket - pasport in process
I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks and best wishes for filling up the course.

Dick Pierce

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