[permaculture] Talking stick and time to respond - people care

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 10 22:30:15 EDT 2010

On 10/10/2010 9:53 PM, A Sampson-Kelly wrote:

> This is why I prefer to use email than any other communication for complex ideas.
> I like email because it allows me time to think, although some people may hate the chopping and changing of topics
> (facebook is probably more organised in that regard, because you can focus on a thread)

But FB does not have organized, searchable archives by month and year and is not a very good
place to build a repository of knowledge. You post stuff knowing that is will get submerged under newer posts rapidly 
and be difficult to retreive later on when needed. Webforums would be much more useful if they offered an index of 
topics in each forum, an overview with active linking to day or month to be browsed instead of going to a topical forum 
and searching through page after page of posts. They should be sortable by subject header, date and author.
This list offers a good compromise of features and includes much of the above but delivers no attachments, html or 
graphics. I think I might set up a Wordpress blog as a companion to this list so people can post pictures that go with 
their posts to this list, and more. Usage: you would go to the blog, register with a wordpress login then proceed to the 
blog to post a comment. I can then upgrade all those user to contributor status, other to author or editor so they can 
create their own new posts. Blog name would be Permaculture List Blog (proposed url permaculturelist.wordpress.com).
This would be the easiest way to create a companion archive for this forum for storage of extended dialog plus html and 
graphics in a highly organized system surrounding a tightly focused topic, i.e. easy to find what you're looking for.

Here is a sample blog I set up recently - feel free to join in & let me know if you want contributor or higher access.

what some people do in their spare time.....

Infinity Explorations
thoughts about infinity, the cosmos, origin and order of the universe, what makes it up, from its smallest components to 
its largest, unseen worlds, energy, other dimensions and whatever else comes to mind

This will give you an idea about what a blog like this can offer as a supplemental archival resource
for this forum. It beats the heck out of Blogger and does not offer as many networking tools;
of course you can Buzz a Wordpress blog and its individual posts into Google resources and Blogger, which is nice.

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