[permaculture] Permaculture Design Certificate Course Dec. 1 - 14, 2010

Killian O'Brien admin at pri-de.org
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Hello All,
I am posting this here on the off chance someone might want to come, or might want to pop in to do some teaching. This course was completely unexpected and unplanned and is by request. Below is the event as posted to Facebook, with some slight modifications for your consumption:

Permaculture Design Certificate Course Dec. 1 - 14, 2010
An unexpected pleasure: I recently attended the excellent 2010 Conference on Sustainability: Energy, Economy & Environment


organized by Aaron Wissner of Local Future. We had a great time learning and sharing on issues of sustainability with well-known authors, bloggers and scientists, as well as many persons of lesser renown, but no less knowledgeable and experienced.
Out of that three days came an individual request for a permaculture course. We would like to invite additional persons to attend, but this will not be a large course. The style will be relaxed and informal, but intensive, with the bulk of the course to be held at the home of the person who made the request, in the Metro area. Some sections may also be held at the PRI-De campus.

I realize this is short notice and few people can take two weeks out of busy schedules. If you happen to be free, please come! Costs will be kept low since we have little time to arrange to bring in other trainers, will not be providing room and board, there is limited prep time available to the teacher (me) and the time frame is short for all. (If you are from out of area, R&B is available.)

Tuition: $700
We have yet to refuse anyone based on ability to pay, so don't let price be a reason not to attend. Work exchanges are possible on an hour-for-hour basis. (Practicum during the course does not count toward work exchange hours.)

Text: Permaculture: A Designers Manual

Food: We are not planning to provide food at this time, but catering may be possible if requested.


We recognize two solid weeks is a serious schedule wrecker for most people and are offering a new, flexible scheduling option. The course schedule will be carefully planned to allow it to be taken in modules. Students can pop in for any module and pay only for that module. They can complete additional modules as part of future PDC's, or by arrangement at agreed upon dates and times. This will allow students to essentially plan their own PDC schedule and complete their course over a period ranging from two weeks to a year or more. Prices will be in line with a residential PDC (otherwise it wouldn't make economic sense) and prorated on a 14 day basis.


If you would like to help others attend this course, we can provide materials, transportation and food at our cost. Please contact us at admin at pri-de.org with "PDC Scholarship" as the subject.
(To be honest, we hate having to charge anyone, but are poor ourselves. Maybe someday...)

Please contact admin at pri-de.org<mailto:admin at pri-de.org> for more info or to reserve your place. Please use "December PDC" in the subject line.


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