[permaculture] Senate votes YES on S 510 cloture motion

Amy Little amylittle at hvc.rr.com
Wed Nov 17 15:45:14 EST 2010

You did not say what happened to Tester Amend...
We have been working Gillibrand.

At 02:58 PM 11/17/2010, you wrote:
>The Senate voted YES today (75-24) on the cloture motion on S 510 
>that would force a vote within 60 days.  It is widely expected that 
>the final vote may come before this weekend.  I copied the roll call 
>vote to my blog at http://www.bobwaldrop.net/?p=388 -- if you live 
>in a state with YES voting senators, please contact them immediately.
>Bob Waldrop
>Oklahoma City
>Barking Frogs Permaculture
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