[permaculture] Fluorescent Light Bulbs are a RIP OFF!

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Mon Nov 15 16:32:14 EST 2010

This is my new article.

I've been working on it around the clock for days.

    * CFLs do not last as long as is claimed
    * Many CFLs provide 42% less light than claimed
    * CFLs put out 20% to 30% less light as they get older
    * I think each CFL is subsidized $10 to $40
    * I think the toxicity of a CFL is downplayed
    * I think there are better ways to save electricity than fiddling
with bulb type
    * There are incandescent bulbs that are claimed to last longer
than fluorescents
    * There are new incandescents coming out that give off more light per watt


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