[permaculture] Guatemala in January

christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Sun Nov 14 13:54:23 EST 2010

Hi Dan,

Maya Mountain Research Farm is not in Guatemala, we are in Belize. We  
are in southern Belize, adjacent to Izabel department and the Peten in  
Guatemala. We are a lowland site, but use a lot of low tech  
applications that might be useful for you, especially if you are  
working in the lowlands of Guatemala.

You would be welcome to visit us if you have the time. We have done  
some photovoltaic powered water pumping projects, and use photovoltaic  
powered pumps for the water system on the farm.

Let me know if this is of interest to you. We would love to hear about  
what you are doing in Guatemala.

Best wishes,


On Nov 14, 2010, at 10:46 AM, Dan Halsey wrote:

> Hi,
> I may be going to Guatemala with Engineers without Borders to assess  
> and consult on a fresh water project.
> I would appreciate a list on permaculture contacts and sites I might  
> visit and consult with.
> Thanks you,
> Dan Halsey
> Daniel Halsey   612-720-5001
> SouthWoods Forest Gardens
> Southwoodsforestgardens.blogspot.com
> Spring Lake Township, Minnesota
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Christopher Nesbitt

Maya Mountain Research Farm
San Pedro Columbia, Toledo
PO 153 Punta Gorda Town, Toledo
Central America


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