[permaculture] Garden in Germany would like helper(s)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 26 22:28:29 EDT 2010

Nina Rinkes wrote:

> Hi, there!
>>> We'd like to grow vegetables,
>>> get chicken and build a little outdoor-kitchen. 
>> How do you plan to cook in this outdoor kitchen? Wood? Gas stove?
> Wood. We also use it for heating in the house. 
> The outdoor kitchen is the last thing on the list, though. Must get the vegetable garden going first, so there's something to cook! 
> Also, we've got a little open fire-place in the garden, which we can use in the mean time. 

Hello Nina & thanks for the reply. Your home cuisine really captured my 
attention; it represents nearly the best nutritional regimen I could 
imagine, and all home grown and prepared.

I spent a lot of time this past winter experimenting with wood fired 
outdoor cooking stoves, mostly one made out of scrap metal stock, parts 
and implements. Also a rocket stove type. If you have access to cutting 
and welding equipment you can make some fancy stoves, otherwise a 
masonry stove is probably a better idea. There are plenty of plans for 
these on the Web. Ideally you would combine use of an outdoor wood fired 
bake oven with bread making and cooking food, meat, casseroles. But a 
separate masonry wood fired cook stove is highly recommended, one with a 
grill and with a hot metal surface for slow cooking (like rice! best way 
to cook that by far).

>>> We promise you good food (mostly organic and local, our own home-made
>>> rye sourdough bread, spelt flat bread, kimchi and other vegetable
>>> ferments, hearty stews made from scratch, fresh salads, tasty local
>>> cheeses...) and merry company! You could sleep in the house in a
>>> little room with a big balcony or in a tent, as you like.
>> ohmygod, I'll be leaving tommorow....:-)
>> What food!!!
>> LL....:
> Yeah, head over then!
> Nina

If I were younger and had the $$$ to travel I would really enjoy a few 
weeks with you all. If you're ever over here in the USA you are welcome 
to stay (kinda spartan accomodations but interesting and natural) a 
while at my farm: http://venaurafarm.blogspot.com.


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