[permaculture] Growing Along Highway Margins

Cory Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 21:19:14 EDT 2010

Prairie grass or rapeseed could work as a biofuel possibly. Fertility problem could be addressed with seasonal cover cropping and use of organic waste streams in the city. Complex prairie grass systems may maintain fertility even with harvesting if done right. Some research is being done on this in the midwest currently. It may not be advanced enough yet for this project but worth checking into.

Instead of landscaping, what about food forests at those larger junctions of land? Food will be exposed to exhaust, which is a major downside but there may be microclimates where exposure could be minimized. 

Yes, swales, water catchment, etc! Capture the energy..


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> > Scott Pittman wrote:
> >> How about chicken tractors? 
> > 
> > Probably very management labor intensive.
> > 
> >> Biofuels diminish the soil fertility as all
> >> fertility is exported to make fuel, same with
> building materials.  At least
> >> with chickens you leave behind the manure to help
> replenish what is lost
> >> through grazing.  
> > 
> > On-site Hugelkultur systems utilizing llandscape
> maintenance waste for 
> > earthworm and compost production which could be
> recycled back into the 
> > landscapes. Notice how many miles of flower beds
> (bulbs, perennials and 
> > annuals and ground cover) you see along highways near
> gateways to urban 
> > areas? These are high maintenance area which could be
> greatly improved 
> > and stabilized with organic compost and earthworms. If
> you could 
> > integrate chicken tractors and maybe even goats with
> this system, all 
> > the better. Tether the goats to the chicken tractor.
> Pigs too?
> And redesign the landscapes along the highways to include
> proper 
> placement of water impoundments, swales, berms and fit the
> ornamental,
> specimen, facer, hedging, windbreak, erosion control,
> perennial and 
> flower plantings within such systems. This would constitute
> a move 
> toward natural municipal landscaping from strictly
> architect-designed 
> ornamental roadside plantings, usually on existing slopes
> and relatively 
> unstructured flat areas.
> ....:LL
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