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I met a great farmer friend in Nepal's Chitwan valley--who told me
about a fascinating practice he was doing--simple. His farming is
perhaps the most integrated in terms of animal, fishery, bio-gas,
wildlife, grain, vegetable, mushroom, piegon, chickens, goats that I
have ever seen--even more than I initiated together with other family
members in Ajamvari Farm (www.ajamvarifarm.org).

His area is always infested with slugs--and as far as I remember they
began to appear in Chitwan valley.

What he told me amazed the most. Yes, they still infest--however, he
has discovered that they are great food for the fish he is raising in
his pond. [I really wish I had some photos of his farm] So he pays
nearby farmers to collect them from their field and busy them--10
rupees a kilo--not a handsome sum, but still amazing way of converting
a nuisance into economic resources for the farmers and himself.

I thought this might be useful to others. At the moment I am not sure
what kind of fish was he raising--and I can post details of those
practices when I go and live in that village for one year for my ph.d.
research on organic agriculture in Nepal.

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