[permaculture] new skeeter video: best wood for carving a spoon

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Fri Mar 12 09:29:20 EST 2010

> nice spoonwood video.  applewood sounds good to me.  You can use the suckers to make chopsticks I imagine.

It's the movie star!

Skeeter, I have a 13 minute long video of you during that walk where
you shared lots of excellent stuff in your rather excellent manner and
it is all gold!  Since youtube won't allow anything longer than 10
minutes, I have to break it up.  And I've been trying to learn how to
do youtube right - so I've actually broken it into six pieces.  Today
I'll upload another piece.  I think it will be the piece about

> Missoula is sure a cool place.

I agree!

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