[permaculture] School gardens across America -- A great idea!

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Dear Folks:

I first advocated this idea 10 years ago and have been pushing it here in
Yamhill County, Oregon ever since I moved here 5 years ago. I can send along
all documented copy that I have written on this subject if that will be

We need Community Victory Garden FoodSheds at every Head Start, Elementary,
Middle, and High school in America, which will function in  4 capacities:

1. Community Victory Gardens for the  students, teachers, administrators,
and their families - year round,  built on a hybridized pattern  - a
marriage of - Community Gardens with Victory Gardens.
2. Farmers markets with richly diverse crops, which will raise money for the
schools, train future local farmers, and provide localized seed-saving and
propagating hubs.
3. Living Laboratories on a shoe string where you can teach math, chemistry,
physics, botany, biology, etymology, mycology, meteorology, literature,
history, civics, business, 
4. FoodShed security hubs which will help to decentralize and secure food
supplies locally. This idea is not new at all - Alexander the Great, the
Caesars of Rome, and Napoleon, among others, *all* exhorted their people to
keep their own small patches of food
5. Serve as hubs for converting private yards, then city & county parks,
then the land around and in front of every civic building (police stations,
courthouses, city halls, community centers, churches, jails, etc. ) and
finally every Hell strip to be found, into Victory Permayardens.

Yr. Obed Scrvnr.,

Kathleen Blair
McMinnville, OR
Precinct Committeewoman Precinct #15
Political Action Chair
Yamhill County Democrats

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Dear all fans of healthy food and happy children,

I wanted to see if I could get your quick help. Change.org recently launched
the 2010 Ideas for Change in America competition. One idea is titled: *Good
Food For All Kids: A Garden at Every School*. I thought you might be excited
to help support this idea! You can read more and cast your vote by clicking
the following link:


The top 10 voted ideas will be presented at an event in Washington, DC this
spring to relevant members of the Obama Administration, and then promoted to
Change.org's full community of more than 1 million people. So we could have
a real impact.

Thanks for the help! I happen to be a school gardening teacher's assistant
for a Washington, DC 3rd grade class -- so I have personal knowledge of how
educational and beneficial to kids a school garden can be. I want all
children in the U.S. to be able to enjoy the experience of learning and
eating from a school garden!
Your vote can truly help turn this idea of "universal school gardens" into a
reality! PLEASE

*Here's the full text of the idea*: *Good Food For All Kids: A Garden at

The diet of America's youth needs to improve. Hunger, bad nutrition and
obesity among children are leading causes of health risks and often
contributes to poor classroom performance. By planting a garden at every
school in America, we will ensure that every child has the opportunity to
benefit from eating more fresh healthy foods. A well-planned edible
schoolyard can supply a significant portion of a school's daily food needs,
By cultivating a garden together, children learn vital skills in team work,
problem solving, creative planning, and sustainable living. Garden-based
classes are a great way to complement classroom education in many subjects
including biology, botany, ecology, mathematics, nutrition, art, and
writing. Most important, gardening is fun for kids! School gardens can
dramatically enliven the learning process by giving students the ability to
connect in a very experiential and hands-on way with the incredible living
world unfolding all around them. For all of these reasons and many more,
let's support the vision for a garden growing at every school in America!
With the White House Organic Garden
its 2nd year, and First Lady Michelle Obama's special interest in improving
the time is now ripe to bring the idea of universal school gardens into
Please help us gain the most votes for this idea!

  *1. Email your friends:* Contact your friends and encourage them to vote
universal school gardens!

  *2. Use listserves:* Forward this message on to other appropriate
listserves or organizational email lists!

  *3. Spread the word with social media:* Use social networking sites like
Twitter and Facebook by sending the link to our idea for universal school
gardens out through your own networks and encouraging others to do the same.
Here's a shorter link to our school gardens idea  ~ http://bit.ly/6glfIr

  *4. Grab a widget:* You can grab a widget and put it on your website or
blog or encourage other bloggers to include it on theirs. You can find the
widget on the right side of our idea page. (

Thanks for your vote!

Ethan Genauer,
On behalf of school garden teachers everywhere!
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