[permaculture] Gutter options for water catchment from a barn

Keith D Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 28 17:50:07 EST 2010

I worked with a client in Virginia who wanted to convert a silo to water storage. We accomplished this by anchoring (with tapcon screws) to the inner walls a framework of rebar mesh and chicken wire (or expanded metal lath) and plastering with two coats of fiberglass fiber reinforced mortar (about 1/2 in to 3/4 in thick)...basically a ferrocement tank inside the silo column. Worked great. Adding polymers (or elmers glue) to the cement makes it stronger and more leak-proof. I've found that any places that wick moisture through the walls eventually seal themselves by mineral accretion much in the same way that stalagmites are formed.

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>> You don't say anything about the climate you're in or what you're
>> sending the water into, so it's a little more of a challenge to respond.
>Paul, I'm in southwest Wisconsin which annually gets lows below -25F.
>My hope is to put the water either in a cistern or if I can figure it
>out, one of the unused silos that are attached to the barn.  Even
>better would be to deliver it inside a greenhouse & supply some kind
>of low input aquaculture.
>> If you have snow or hail, catching on the ground works better than
>> gutters. A lined trench can send water to a pond, or underground
>> cistern, or even a sump basin with a pump (option of last resort.) Snow
>> and hail can slide right past the gutter or clog it.
>Do you know of examples that have done the lined trench concept, I've
>never seen it done?
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