[permaculture] Gutter options for water catchment from a barn

Lisa Rollens rollens at fidnet.com
Wed Jan 27 16:40:34 EST 2010

Someone just recently gave me an idea for guttering.  He said just take a 
grey plastic pipe (probably 6 inch diameter) a little longer than the length 
of the roof.  Cut it completely down it's length but just on one side.  I'm 
not sure how to do this, but it could be done with a hand saw.  (A table saw 
would make it easy??)  I would mark it first with a magic marker line. 
Spread this opening and slip it over the edge of the roof.  Either older 
corrogated or the newer metal roofing-with the flat places and then the 
little peaks- works.  One would need the end pieces...a 90 degree elbow, and 
then water could fall into a tank, or add another piece of pipe.

Issues I see: it's made of plastic/oil product.  Don't use white 
plastic...supposedly won't hold up in the sun as well.  Cheaper than metal. 
Metal pieces aren't too expensive, but they almost always leak.  Seamless 
guttering is quite expensive, maybe just here in my area.

This sounds like an interesting idea, expecially if the parts can be 
scavenged.  I think I am going to try it.  If anyone else has or does, let 
us know how it works.

Lisa, in the MO Ozarks

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> What ideas & options are there for harvesting as much rainwater as
> possible off from a barn roof.  Each side of the roof is approx 2000
> sq feet so I'm thinking a traditional steel 4-6" gutter will actually
> overflow pretty easily in a downpour & a lot of the water will go to
> waste.  Needs to be lightweight, easy to clean out & most of all super
> affordable.  I'm all ears.
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