[permaculture] want my permaculture design course ticket?

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Tue Jan 26 13:50:59 EST 2010

I have an extra ticket for the 14 day permaculture design course at
sahale.  This is the course taught by Larry Korn, the guy that studied
for two years under Masanobu Fukuoka and then did the translation for
"One Straw Revolution"!  Exceptionally advanced permaculture!

This is the PDC that I took five years ago!  And this is the same
campus where the Washington State Permaculture Convergence is held!

I'm gonna be there as a guest instructor on animal husbandry and eco
building.  Plus, there is gonna be an alumni reunion at the end.  So
the folks from all of the past years of the sahale PDC will be

You can see my happy, smiling face with the sahale PDC class of 2005 here:


More info on the course is at


More info on getting this ticket:



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