[permaculture] Going into Haiti ? Earthquakes, Tsunami, War - Extreme Permaculture Veteran Steve Cran on Haiti, Uganda, Aceh, Australia and Timor

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Sat Jan 23 09:41:21 EST 2010

*Essential listening for those preparing permaculture response and aid for
Haiti and other disaster zones*


Today I spoke with veteran permaculture and aid specialist Steve Cran in
Abim, Uganda. Steve explains the realities of extreme permaculture in the
disaster zones of earthquakes, tsunami and war. Steve leads from the field
and has 20 years experience in remote Australia, East Timor and tsunami

[image: village]

Steve Cran, disaster response and permaculture aid specialist, a veteran of
the war zone of Timor, the tsunami of Aceh and now of Uganda talks to
Permaculture TV about the realities of extreme permaculture and its relation
to Haiti.

Source: Permaculture TV <http://www.youtube.com/user/permaculturecoop>

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