[permaculture] right livelihood advice request

Tripp Tibbetts slowfoodguy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 15:05:22 EST 2010

I'm torn.  I was just offered a job doing environmental impact assessments for some developers.  And I'm looking for some permacultural advice.
On the one hand, I could use a job, and it would be in the business of protecting natural resources...to the extent the law allows.
On the other, my paycheck would rely on natural resources getting messed up in the name of "progress" on a steady basis.
I realize that this will be done whether I'm involved or not, and it would probably be better to have someone who actually cares about the planet doing the reviewing, BUT...
I just have this gut feeling that it will be a lot like my job as a regulatory scientist in Florida, watching 1000s of acres of uplands get mowed down, leaving a few now-isolated swamps "intact" with a 25' upland buffer.  I couldn't do it.  18 months of it was more than I could take.
And that was before I discovered permaculture.

How can one live a permacultural existence and simultaneouly sign off on the destruction of a walnut and hackberry ecosystem while sparing a Typha and Salix marsh, just because it fits the regulating authority's current value system?
I'd love to hear some thoughts.


The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
-Chinese proverb


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