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Hi Evan,

I read your post in the Bay Area Independent Media Center the other day and
responded on their site, but I wanted to also send this directly to you
since I was really responding to your suggestion.

I am currently overseeing a project for my organization in India installing
aquaponics systems among villages to offset farmer dependence on sporadic
rains and climate change.  I was certified as a Permaculture Designer in
1998 and I am fully on board with your suggestion.  I believe a long term,
sustainable vision would see the development of a Permaculture Relief Corps
Training Facility - either as part of an existing educational institute or
as a new, stand-alone body - to train specialists in several areas such as
general Permaculture principles and techniques, cross-cultural sensitivity
and communications, rapid community participatory visioning/planning
exercises and several specialty areas like water storage, food production,
composting, etc.  In addition, however, you would need courses that speak to
the increasing global possibilities of new, online media and
fund-raising.  This
would include rapid community training on basic video with cell-phones [this
transcends language and literacy barriers] and a whole process for rapidly
collecting community video-footage and creating online appeals and media
awareness. Beyond this the institute would obviously have to establish
long-term, sustainable funding streams of its own and my experience tells me
it must come from both public as well as private sources.  I would suggest a
working urban-rural garden/farm collective of permaculture-relief host field
training locations that could also act as for-profit public training
centers, food production facilities, horticultural therapy units, etc.

Finally, there must be concurrent policy work to push for stream-lined
emergency aid for relief corps personnel regardless of the region in which
they are deployed.

These are just some of my initial thoughts.  I apologize if they are a bit
incoherent.  I will be leaving my project to my trusted colleagues here in
the next month.  Then I will be back in the San Francisco Bay Area where I
will be working on developing an aquaponics training facility.  If anyone
would like to pursue this discussion, however, [or anything else related]
please contact me as I would be very interested in seeing it become a
reality.  There is a real need.


Tom Knoll


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