[permaculture] URGENT! Haiti Permaculture Relief Corps discussions

Jake Bucy jakebucy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 18:11:46 EST 2010

I just watched the video Garbage
Warrior<http://www.garbagewarrior.com/index.php>about Michael Reynolds
the creator of the
Earthship <http://www.earthship.net/buildings/global-model.html> concept.
In the video Michael and his team go to the Andaman Islands after the
tsunami and to Mexico after hurricane Katrina to build Earthships out of
trash and clay.  These houses can withstand hurricanes, are energy efficient
and they collect rainwater and store it for drinking water.  I have no idea
if Michael and his team have plans to go to Haiti, but it seems like this
would be a useful housing-related tool/resource for the Relief Corps to
have in their permaculture tool box.

Jake Bucy

“True security rests on a supportive and sustainable ecological base, on
spiritual as well as material well-being, on trust and reliance in one’s
neighbors, and on justice and understanding in a disarmed world” -Frank

"A useful contract with the earth places man not as superior to nature but
as a superior intelligence working in nature as a conscious and therefore as
a responsible part in a plan of evolution, which is a continuing creation."
-Liberty Hyde Bailey

"The object of Agriculture is to feed and clothe people. Two things will
guarantee this happens with maximum efficiency.  Firstly, farming must be
prosperous and secondly, soil fertility must constantly improve." -P.A.

"Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise"  -Rumi

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