[permaculture] Permaculture Relief Corps for Haiti

Kris Kaul kriskaul at yahoo.com
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Two of the main ngo's working in Haiti are Grassroots International and the Lambi Fund.  I went to Haiti in 2007 with Lambi and it is feared that many of the staff and their relatives in Port-au-Prince may have perished.  I'm waiting to see if Lambi is sending an aid group, but from what I've been reading, it seems to be mainly medical personnel and structural experts that are needed in these days immediately following the quake.  

I would be interested in participating in a permaculture project there, though, if the opportunity arose.  In the projects I visited, there were many ingenious uses of native plants for animal deterrence, seedling support/protection, etc.

Kris Kaul
Ann Arbor, MI

p.s. both Lambi Fund and Grassroots International are soliciting emergency
funds for earthquake relief, in case anyone has surplus to share.

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This is a short article I wrote about the potential of a Permaculture Relief
Corps response in Haiti.  Please tell me what you think and if you know of
any efforts mobilizing to make something like this happen.


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