[permaculture] a tour of cobville (and other videos)

Leo Brodie leobro at comcast.net
Tue Jan 12 15:04:21 EST 2010

Hi Paul,
Personally I'd love to see the urban chicken system, being that I am urban and wanting chickens. But Skeeter -- on any topic -- is always welcome.

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From: paul wheaton 
Date: 2010/1/12
Subject: Re: [permaculture] a tour of cobville
To: permaculture 

I'm glad you said something!

Thanks is the fuel that gets me to push this sort of thing up.

I was just shuffling through my other video clips and thinking "what
should I push up next?"

I have:

- lots of stuff with a rocket mass heater for a greenhouse
- skeeter on lightning as a N fixer
- skeeter on lungwort
- solar food dryer
- bullock brothers classroom
- a micro coop for an urban chicken paddock shift system
- using a fro to make shakes
- splitting logs for posts
- mike oehler's ridge top house
- mike oehler's below ground shelter
- mike oehler's above ground "sleeper"
- tour of the homestead

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