[permaculture] Spanish Permaculture Handouts

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 10 23:38:33 EST 2010

Scott Pittman wrote:

> I am also teaching a course for the Army National Guard to troops who are
> going to Afghanistan to work with villagers on agriculture and other rural
> tasks; I would appreciate any current information on Afghanistan weather,
> soil, crops, animal husbandry, water and etc.

This would be well worth reading. It contains Water Resource Management 
Matrix, a comprehensive goals assesment table:
Table headings:
1) Key Issue
2) Strategic Objective Indicator
3) Needs Assessment
Short Term Program (1-2 Years)
Medium Term Development Framework (2-5 Years)
4) Policy Agenda

Permaculture methods applied to water resources management would fit in 
perfectly here.

For agriculture: Keyline plowing, swales, berms, water impoundments
(pools, ponds, ditches, canals), aquaculture, greenhousing and 
aquaponics, season extension.

For potable and near-potable water resource management consider
rainfall earthworks-based catchment and purification with Living System 
and constructed wetlands. Benefits: clean irrigation water, replishment 
of aquifer (springs, wells), water for household washing and washing 
harvested crops, water for livestock. Rainfall catchment using 
non-earthen structures providing water for storage in cisterns for 
household and farm use, with additional purification (solar still, sand 
filter) for drinking and cooking.

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