[permaculture] County and global level permaculture design - got any?

Nicollas permactiviste at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 03:30:14 EST 2010

2010/1/10 Dick Pierce <dickpiercedesigns at gmail.com>

> The other organizational model that fascinates me - for which I know of no
> great book - is the Circus. All have their roles and specialties/expertise,
> there is a defined/steep hierarchy, but there is also a community, and
> times when all turn out as equals to do the work (set-up, tear-down). A
> memorable item is that all agree that there has to be an owner/boss
> (COO/CEO), but that his/hers is the worst job in the Circus.

You should take a look at the book "Beyond Civilization" by Daniel Quinn
(and also Ishmael by the way). It talks about a new tribalism model,
transposed from tribal societies, and it gives the Circus organization as a
modern model. That is in Circus all have a task to accomplish (even if
artists get the most focus, there are no more important in the Circus
structure), even if there is a boss (to hire, fire, etc) he does not earn
more and he's not 'superior' and has to do other jobs, and the Circus give
not a salary but a mean to live (it recycles old artists into the Circus
structure, and child of circus people join the Circus). But Daniel Quinns
explains this better than me :)


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