[permaculture] Citrus and cold

Kevin Topek ktopek at att.net
Fri Jan 8 10:38:59 EST 2010


The Kumquats are naturally short. I do not usually plant dwarfing  
varieties. You can probably grow most citrus in a greenhouse as long  
as you keep it pruned away from the roof and it gets sufficient air  
flow in the summer. I am currently trying out some new lemon  
varieties. We'll see if they made it after this bout of cold recedes.

Kevin Topek

On Jan 7, 2010, at 9:13 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

> Kevin Topek wrote:
>> citrus' grafted onto Trifoliata and Flying Dragon rootstock. Citrus
>> varieties that do well here are: Improved Meyer Lemon, Satsumas,  
>> Honey
>> Mandarin, Kumquats, Grapefruits, Pomelo, Hand of the Buddha, some
>> Oranges (esp Republic of Texas), Calamondin (Phillppine Orange) and
>> Mexican Thornless Lime.
> These sound like wonderful citrus varieties, ones I would like to grow
> here in NC, maybe in a greenhouse. Are any of these you've listed  
> dwarf
> or full sized trees, Kevin? Calmondin, Ponderosa Lemon and Meyer Lemon
> do fine here, with winter protection. I have a dwarf Meyer in  huge  
> pot,
> indors now; my Grandfather grew a ponderosa lemon in a tub in  
> Pittsboro
> (one of these huge lemons were enough for a whole pie) and my Mother
> grew calmondins in her ground floor laundry room for years; they were
> delicious (skins are sweet, rest is sour, what a lemonade that would  
> make).
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