[permaculture] Permaculture wikis & making a major impact

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 8 01:11:32 EST 2010

Chris Watkins wrote:

> So you can go to Appropedia:Current
> dump<http://www.appropedia.org/Appropedia:Current_dump>and get a copy
> of the entire site (for an archive, to distribute in a
> different form, or to start a "fork" of the project*) or go to
> Special:Export <http://www.appropedia.org/Special:Export> and get as many
> pages you want, with or without the history. (You can then use the "Import"
> page to add the pages to any other wiki, as long as you have admin
> privileges.) Other sites may not have the dump set up, but all MediaWiki
> sites should have the export function.
> *Note that forks aren't actually encouraged in open source or open knowledge
> projects, in most cases, but the freedom to fork is an important one.

Why is that not encouraged. I need to google the term to find out more 
but forks sound like they could be just the thing for some people in 
certain circumstances. I can see that locating a fork in a new wiki 
elsewhere might not be good or necessary if the author can make the 
structural and data changes he wants in the original wiki to exactly 
suit the needs of his special development effort, thus keeping things 
"at home".
If a wiki had a large farming section and I was only interested in 
biological farming and it contained a well developed section on that 
topic and there was also a large area on conventional agriculture there 
that I had no control over I might well want to start a fork on another 
wiki dedicated completely to biological farming. That would make good 
sense. Artistic license...

> Lawrence, do you still have concerns about this?

No. The only concern I ever have is about who hosts a wiki and
how permanent it is; also policy and agenda issues of those in charge,
admins and others, should that apply and be a matter of concern.
That is rarely anything to worry about. In the case of ibiblio, which is 
strictly non commercial, everything is secure and permanent, webspace 
(wikispace) is owned totally by individual accountholders or a group of 

I will have to spend some time at Appropedia to see what you have going 
there. Thanks for the reply, Chris and have a prosperous 2010!


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