[permaculture] if there were a benefit to deforestation...

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 7 12:25:27 EST 2010

Steven & Margaret Eisenhauer wrote:
> Burning to charcoal versus burning to ash is certainly a great
> potential for building a sustainable land based resource for energy and
> agriculture.  Larry Dobson is a pioneer in this area - his web site --
> http://www.stiltman.com/html/energy_from_waste.htm

Those are expensive units. Nobody I know could afford one of those much 
less find sawdust to burn in it.

> He says he has built a condensing bio burner that can also be tuned to burn
> to charcoal rather than to ash.  He is giving away his latest design due to
> the lack of interest to commercialize it by the slippery boys of oil.

I'd like to see that design.

> I would like to build one that anyone anywhere can put together out of
> indigenous earth materials.

That's the best option; build your own from onsite materials practical 
to utilize, i.e. stone, possibly clay. Add found materials, metal scrap,
truck and tractor parts and the masonry materials I mentioned in my 
previous post.

> We need a super insulating radiant barrier type structural building block

That is what Hebel and Aercon is. Usually called AAC block by 
contractors. Aerated autoclaved concrete block.

> that can be made from site earth and I think I have a good idea how to do
> it.  This material would be impervious to biological attack (rot, insect, &
> vermin), water penetration and could even float, yet be a good earth
> amendment once its useful life is over. 

Could you mix it with perlite and fireclay?

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