[permaculture] if there were a benefit to deforestation...

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 7 12:18:43 EST 2010

Steven & Margaret Eisenhauer wrote:
> Hello,
> Imagine homes that are food and energy producers which sequester carbon
> while all outputs are constructive inputs to our indigenous living systems
> with its inhabitants pursuing craft based production of necessary tools and
> materials.  Burning to charcoal versus burning to ash is certainly a great
> potential for building a sustainable land based resource for energy and
> agriculture.  Larry Dobson is a pioneer in this area - his web site --
> http://www.stiltman.com/html/energy_from_waste.htm
> He says he has built a condensing bio burner that can also be tuned to burn
> to charcoal rather than to ash.  He is giving away his latest design due to
> the lack of interest to commercialize it by the slippery boys of oil.
> I would like to build one that anyone anywhere can put together out of
> indigenous earth materials.
> We need a super insulating radiant barrier type structural building block
> that can be made from site earth and I think I have a good idea how to do
> it.  This material would be impervious to biological attack (rot, insect, &
> vermin), water penetration and could even float, yet be a good earth
> amendment once its useful life is over. 

Unless your site has special clay then forget using onsite materials. 
Build it right using homemade fireclay and concrete or heavy concrete 
blocks or possibly stones. Use ceramic batt insulation for high heat 
contact areas, like next to the firebrick firebox liner and fiberglass 
for the rest, enclosed within the structure, with drainage ports. 
Alternately, for insulating building materials use Hebel or Aercon 
blocks if you have access to them. Use firebrick in firebox lining, 
concrete block walls with Aercon or Hebel next to that for insulation. 
With this design everything will be masonry, including all insulation 
necessary; holes, voids, cracks can be filled with ceramic batt 
insulation, sealed with fireclay or high temperature masonry caulk/sealer.

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